Memory Foam Bed Assembly


Thank you for choosing a 3 Dog Pet Supply memory foam dog bed!

We compress our covers, bolsters, and memory foam inserts to allow us to ship the beds with less volume, packaging materials, and impact on our environment.

In order to assemble your bed please follow these simple steps:

  1. Take your cover and bolster out of the plastic bag and lay out flat.
  2. Unwrap the plastic wrap from your memory foam insert and allow it to regain its shape. (15-30mins)
  3. Unzip your sleep surface cover and place your memory foam insert inside the cover with the waterproof liner (shiny) material facing up and breathable material on bottom (dull) so that it will protect the memory foam from moisture, etc.
  4. Zip your sleep surface cover, and place your sleep surface cover with memory foam insert inside into your dog bed cover.

Car Backseat Protector


We are proud of the superior quality & design of the product and know that it will work well for you.

To fit your protector in your car/truck follow these simple steps:

  1. Take your protector out of the plastic bag and lay out flat and identify the side with the non-slip back (white).
  2. Place the non-slip back side on your seat and insert the seat wedges (grey or tan foam covered pieces) in between your seat and seat back.
  3. Place the adjustable headrest straps over your car’s headrests and tighten the straps.
  4. Affix the elastic hooks at the end of the cover to the underside or side of your car’s back seat.