Back Seat Protector for Dogs, Gray


This back seat protector will protect your car back seat from dog hair, dirt, and toe nail scratches for years to come. The innovative material and design elements make this protector a market leading product. The protector features a non skid backing material, elastic straps with hooks, and adjustable headrest straps to keep it firmly in place. No sliding around for your dog with this back seat protector. The overall fit of this protector is spot on, and it has precisely fitted openings to allow for seat belt attachment, and child car seat use. The result is a cleaner car for you and a more comfortable space for your dog.



Innovative design uses non skid backing, four (4) elastic straps with hooks, and adjustable headrest straps to hold the protector firmly in place.
No sliding around for your dog when it jumps into the car or when you make a sharp turn.
Seat belt openings to allow for seat belt use or to attach your dog’s harness and tether.
Quilted nylon material is durable and comfortable for your dog.
Machine washable and easy to clean.
One size fits over 75-80% of cars on the market.(really…we checked the fit exhaustively)
Dimensions Seat back 54″ x 26″, Seat surface area 54″ x 19″
3 Dog Pet supply guaranteed for quality and craftsmanship.

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Dimensions 54 × 26 × 19 in

Customer Reviews

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TracyAnn Bolstridge

Amazing product!! Does not slip when dodge jumps in the car. Works great with child car seat. Best of all a company that stands by their products, looks for feedback and the best customer service I’ve had in a long time!!! Would strongly recommend this company and their products!!!!

Steven Adams

Back Seat Protector for Dogs, Gray

Nice! Worth the $ for me!

While I haven't washed it yet, I really like the quality! It fastens to the seat nicely in 3 different ways and is very secure. The material isn't slippery ( which is what I wanted), making it safer. And my pup LOVES the bolster!!!! Very snuggly!


I bought this so that my dogs could ride in the back without trashing the seat..It works great. It fits the seat perfectly and stays in place. very good quality


Sep 10, 2020

This back seat protector is very well-made. It stays in place well with the non-skid backing, elastic straps and adjustable headrest straps. The bumper helps them stay put in the seat instead of sliding all around and I also love the fleece edge. The seat belt openings are perfect to secure the harnesses with their dog seat belts. The dogs are very comfortable and love it!

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