Back Seat Protector with Fleece Headrest for Dogs


New. A new version of the bestselling back seat protector with headrest now offers more comfort in the way of a cozy fleece lining for the headrest.    This product protects your back seat area from dirt, dog hair, paw scratches and debris, and provides a comfortable space for your dog. The protector features a full wraparound headrest now with a soft and comfortable fleece lining for your dog to snuggle against. It also features a  non skid backing material, elastic straps with hooks, and adjustable headrest straps to keep it firmly in place. No sliding around for your dog with this back seat protector. The overall fit is spot on, and it has precisely fitted openings to allow for seat belts and/or child car seat use. The result is a cleaner car for you and a more comfortable space for your dog.



Innovative design uses non skid backing, four (4) elastic straps with hooks, and adjustable headrest straps to hold the protector firmly in place.
No sliding around for your dog when it jumps into the car or when you make a sharp turn.
Seat belt openings to allow for seat belt and child car seat use or to attach your dog’s harness and tether
Fleece Lined bolster and quilted nylon material is cozy and comfortable for your dog.
Machine washable and easy to clean
One size fits over 75-80% of cars on the market.(really…we checked the fit exhaustively)
Dimensions Seat back 54″ x 26″, Seat surface area 54″ x 19″
3 Dog Pet supply guaranteed for quality and craftsmanship

Customer Reviews

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Kristina Peters
Fantastic People!

Being an Alaskan, i'm used to getting automatic refunds with a canned response about prohibitive shipping costs. I have never had someone offer to split the shipping after i placed an order. That's exactly what they did! I realize it was a one time thing but still, this is a real human interaction that is all too rare and i really appreciated it!!! Oh and the seat cover is awesome too :)

Joelle Thomas
Waterproof? Not so much

Got my Jeep professionally detailed, including shampooed seats, this weekend so it would be spotless when I installed the seat cover. Gave my son and his pup a ride and of course she peed right before we got arrived at our destination. I said “don’t worry, it’s waterproof. Just clean up the liquid and I’ll wash it when I get home”. Home is maybe a mile away. . Removed the seat cover and noticed the bottom was wet. Checked the seat and, sure enough, my freshly shampooed seat is soaked in urine. $400+ for detailing and cover down the drain.


Dog loves it.
It works great dog is more relaxed than . usual

Carol Logan

The dogs love it. They want to stay there. Thank you for making this

Jessica MacPhail

I love my new seat cover! It looks nice and is still comfortable for passengers to sit on.

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