Softshell No-Slip Back Seat Protector with Headrest for Dogs


New. A new version of the bestselling back seat protector with headrest now offers more comfort in the way of a durable quilted softshell outerwear material. It also is made with a slate colored base material for grey or black interiors.   This product protects your back seat area from dirt, dog hair, paw scratches and debris, and provides a comfortable space for your dog. The protector features a full wraparound headrest now with a soft and comfortable quilted softshell material for your dog to snuggle against. It also features a  seat anchor, non skid backing material, elastic straps with hooks, and adjustable headrest straps to keep it firmly in place. No sliding around for your dog with this back seat protector. The overall fit is spot on, and it has precisely fitted openings to allow for seat belts and/or child car seat use. The result is a cleaner car for you and a more comfortable space for your dog.



We’ve found a soft durable outerwear fabric(softshell material) to use in our exclusive seat protector with bolster. This material is durable yet quilted for superior comfort. Innovative design uses non skid backing, seat anchor, four (4) elastic straps with hooks, and adjustable headrest straps to hold the protector firmly in place.
No sliding around for your dog when it jumps into the car or when you make a sharp turn.
Seat belt openings to allow for seat belt and child car seat use or to attach your dog’s harness and tether
Softshell bolster and quilted nylon material is cozy and comfortable for your dog.
Machine washable and easy to clean
One size fits over 75-80% of cars on the market.(really…we checked the fit exhaustively)
Dimensions Seat back 54″ x 26″, Seat surface area 54″ x 19″
3 Dog Pet supply guaranteed for quality and craftsmanship

Customer Reviews

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My Dog Loves It!

This is the best seat protector! I purchased this for my husband for his birthday to put in his 2021 Chevy Colorado! It fits great. The seat measurements are perfect. The height of the material against the back part of the seat is about an inch taller because he has a back bench seat and not bucket seats. The bottom anchors are in the perfect spot to keep it fitting snugly on the seat. It stays in place during sudden stops keeping my dog from falling on the floor. It looks great and my Labrador, Stella, loves resting her head on the bolster. I just vacuum it off once in a while to keep it clean from sand and hair. I love this seat protector so much, I have purchased another one for my 2012 Honda CRV. Thank you 3 Dog Pet Supply for designing something that works, protects the seats and looks good! I highly recommend this product!

The Best Dog Seat Cover On The Market

I received this today for my Grand dog Zula coming for her Spray vacation with my dad. I’m so impressed with the quality and the thought that went into to this cover. I was hesitant with the price but we’ll worth it! Highly Recommend


A tad too long for my Rav 4 but I managed to ease it on. My dog, Tank, is happy to have a new seat cover on my new car. . There is no where around the bottom of the back Seat to attach the hooks but he is only 20 lbs. so it seems to stay in place. I like it

Best seat cover!!

This is the best seat cover! I have had others but this one has a softer material on the seat so my little chihuahua’s don’t slide around. I love the color and it fits perfectly in my Nissan Altima and my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Wish I had found these sooner!!

Love the back seat protector!

Great quality and I’m confident the dogs won’t destroy my leather seats!

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