Softshell No-Slip Back Seat Protector with Headrest for Dogs


New. A new version of the bestselling back seat protector with headrest now offers more comfort in the way of a durable quilted softshell outerwear material. It also is made with a slate colored base material for grey or black interiors.   This product protects your back seat area from dirt, dog hair, paw scratches and debris, and provides a comfortable space for your dog. The protector features a full wraparound headrest now with a soft and comfortable quilted softshell material for your dog to snuggle against. It also features a  seat anchor, non skid backing material, elastic straps with hooks, and adjustable headrest straps to keep it firmly in place. No sliding around for your dog with this back seat protector. The overall fit is spot on, and it has precisely fitted openings to allow for seat belts and/or child car seat use. The result is a cleaner car for you and a more comfortable space for your dog.




We’ve found a soft durable outerwear fabric(softshell material) to use in our exclusive seat protector with bolster. This material is durable yet quilted for superior comfort. Innovative design uses non skid backing, seat anchor, four (4) elastic straps with hooks, and adjustable headrest straps to hold the protector firmly in place.
No sliding around for your dog when it jumps into the car or when you make a sharp turn.
Seat belt openings to allow for seat belt and child car seat use or to attach your dog’s harness and tether
Softshell bolster and quilted nylon material is cozy and comfortable for your dog.
Machine washable and easy to clean
One size fits over 75-80% of cars on the market.(really…we checked the fit exhaustively)
Dimensions Seat back 54″ x 26″, Seat surface area 54″ x 19″
3 Dog Pet supply guaranteed for quality and craftsmanship

In stock date Tuesday May 11th 2021.

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Zinchiak
Great quality

We love it , but our pet Shelby loves it more❤️

N. Chan

My dog Sammie likes her new space in the back. She feels more comfortable and safe with it so she now enjoys her car rides.

mac 123

This is exactly what I was looking for, a nice cover for my backseat that installs easy (can quickly remove for guests) and keeps my pup from sliding around! I LOVE that it has a thick ribbed lip along the edge so my little dude doesn’t go sliding off on a sharp turn. It gives him enough traction that he can run back and forth while I’m driving while he decides which window he wants to look outside from. So easy to install, I folds up into a square that you can throw in your trunk when you need to have people in the backseat. So easy and awesome, worth it!!

Sandra Cornille
Wonderful Dog Car Seat Cover / Bed

I'm going to be traveling soon with my Doodle. I wanted a comfortable area in the car for him to be safe. I searched for months for the right cover. I have a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and the cover fits perfectly in the backseat. I bought the newer version seat cover which is softer. The fabric is very high quality and waterproof. I purchased a crashproof dog vest and car seatbelt that will attach to the vest. There are openings in the cover to accommodate the seatbelt. He has enough room to move around to sit up or lie down.
Thank you 3 Dog Pet Supply for a wonderful product!

Ann Chace Rapoza
Fits RAV4 well

Nice cover that fits my 2019 RAV4 very well. It may be a tad big but works perfectly! There is no where to hook the fasteners onto the seat bottom but I was able to make it work.

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