I would like to express my gratitude for the amazing quality and design of your memory foam dog beds. My elderly dog 4 Sox has benefited tremendously from her new dog bed. She has been an extremely active dog her whole life, and all that rough and tumble exercise has taken its’ toll. She was not sleeping well, and I happened to mention this at work one day. One of my employees surprised us both by purchasing a bed for her and dropping it off at my house! 4 Sox slept through the night and has continued to seek out her bed willingly.

We see a lot of elderly dogs at my veterinary hospital, and I will gladly share my experience with their owners. You and your company are to be commended for providing a top quality, durable product! Thanks from both of us,

Mary C Menard DVM and 4 soxie – Borador Animal Hospital, PC – Salem, NY

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This majestic duo is ready for an adventure this weekend! Where you do think they're going? 🤔


Senior rescue dog Henry is excited for the weekend! (that means even more attention from his favorite people 😀) Do you have a senior pup in your home?


The sweetest morning hello 🥰

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When the humans won't give you ~another~ snack even though you're clearly the cutest one there. 😭


Our Monday morning face this week... 🙃

Photo by @chuglifewpg

Today is a good day to roll around in the grass 🌷

Photo from @little.miss.langley

Dog Beds to the Rescue!

3 Dog Pet Supply donates a brand-new dog bed to a shelter in need for every memory foam bed sold! We’re working to improve the lives of rescue dogs around the country with our Dog Beds to the Rescue campaign.

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