One of our goals heading into 2024 was to expand the footprint of our Dog Beds to the Rescue program. No easy task as we want to be sure and align with the right partners throughout the country and help to positively impact the dogs and shelters with whom we work. Our new friends at the Luling Animal Welfare Society have proven to be just what we hoped for with a mission that is accretive to our brand and overarching goal of improving the lives of dogs by providing dog beds to shelters in need.

Our partnership and ability to provide beds had an immediate impact as stated by our new partners at Luling Animal Welfare Society:

“The dogs at Luling typically come in as strays from the community so it's been so nice for them to have a soft place to lay their heads in their kennels and really enjoy a small comfort of home that they might have never had before. The beds are so beautifully made and such a source of comfort for the dogs that come to Luling, typically with some sort of trauma.”

This is the sort of care and positive impact we strive for when getting involved with a shelter in need. As you can see by the photo of Buster, he was pleased with his 3 Dog Pet Supply bed. The news got even better for this little guy as one of Luling’s amazing fosters who was giving Buster a shelter break decided he fit right in with the rest of the pack and now has a home. What’s one more dog when it’s the right match?!

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May 08, 2024 — Bob Jones