EZ-Wash Premium Lounger Dog Bed

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The EZ Wash Premium Lounger poly filled dog bed features a full perimeter headrest for extra comfort and security for all dog types. This super comfortable wrap around style dog bed will soon become your dog’s favorite. Our exclusive EZ wash design allows for the inner sleep surface to be easily removed for cleaning, and to be used separately as a stand alone bed. Your dog gets the benefits of comfort and security and you get a high quality, durable bed that’s easy to clean.

EZ Wash Premium Lounger bed provides superior comfort and support in a poly filled bed.

  • Cover is removable and machine washable.
  • 100% high loft polyester filled sleep surface is individually filled to exacting specifications to ensure proper fill amount for best performance.
  • Chambered interior bed liner keeps fill evenly distributed throughout the sleep surface.
  • Dimensions:
  • MED Exterior 27″ x 39″ x 10″, Interior 19″ x 30″,
  • LRG Exterior 33″ x 48″ x 10″, Interior 25″ x 39″
  • Content: 45% Cotton, 30% Polyester, 15% Viscose, 10% Linen
  • Ultra high quality upholstery grade fabric is both durable and luxuriously soft.
  • All dog beds are made with the highest quality materials and construction techniques.
  • Guaranteed by 3 Dog Pet Supply for quality and craftsmanship.
  • Dog bed covers are imported, and beds are assembled and filled in the USA.

Dog Bed Sizing Chart

Small Dogs

Dogs up to 30 lbs.

Shih Tsus, Pugs, Dachshunds, Poodles, Boston Terriers, West Highland White Terriers, French Bulldogs, Bichons Frises, Yorkies, Jack Russel, Pomeranian, Chihuahua

Medium Dogs

Dogs from 30 to 70 lbs.

Beagle, small Labradors, Cocker Spaniel, Shetland Sheepdog, Scottish Terrier, Schnauzer, Boxer, Basset Hound, Welsh Terrier, Springer Spaniel, Australian Shepherd, Bull Terrier

Large Dogs

Dogs from 70 to 95 lbs.

Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Siberian Husky, Chesapeake Bay, Vizsla, Old English Sheepdog, Rhodesian Ridgeback