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Little tweaks on this very nice cover.

I really like this seat cover. The material and construction are well thought out and will be great for our Labrador.

Couple minor points - on my 2003 F-250 (just had it reupholstered), the cover is about a quarter inch short of full width. Just enough for our Lab’s toe nail to get a seem stitch when she had to jump up into this tall truck 🤦‍♂️. I now have a ramp for a more controlled approach! 😂.

Only other point is that my bench seat has no headrests to secure the top straps to. The straps still work great as I used a bungee strap on each headrest strap and connect them to the anchors on the cover that look like handles that push between the bottom of the seat and the back rest.

Regardless, it is VERY secure and looks fantastic. We even got it customized with our pooches name on it. We love it!

Back Seat Protector - Tan

☑️customer service

Outstanding customer service…

Well Made

This is a well made and nice looking cover. It is a wee bit big for my car (Audi A3)

It's a nice bed, but ..

The bed is a nice size, looks nice and most importantly, my dog likes sleeping on it. However, he likes to "dig in" when he is preparing to sleep and I have found on more than 1 occasion, multiple clumps of "fuzz" from the material. This could be harmful if he started eating these! I have now tried to keep a blanket on it at all times so that he scratches that more than the actual bed. I'd give a higher rating if it weren't for this issue.

Well made bed

Such a well made dog bed. Love the ability to wash it and that the bed part is separate to just wash it. Super fast shipping. At first my rescue golden turned her nose up but now that it’s got her scent (I also laid in it to encourage her, very comfy), now I can’t get her out of it.

excellent customer service. quality product

Video assist

It would be super helpful to have a video for this product to make sure we are putting it on correctly.

Bench seat

Very heavy duty. Dog loves it. Would definitely buy again

EZ-Wash Fleece Curler Dog Bed

Fits great

This seat cover stays in place and covers the whole seat!

Great Product & Company


To start, I have a rescue pittie who loves car rides and requires EXTREME comfort. My sister has a 70 pound female lab who gets everything dirty all the time.

My mother, sister, and I were looking for the best dog seat protectors on the market to invest in. We have 3 cars therefore needed a car seat protector for each one. The qualities we were looking for were: washability , durability, and yes the color (we love the seat protector to match the interior of our cars).

Since we live in Syracuse, NY where we often receive lots of snow and precipitation. We needed our items to be easy to wash since we are always out in adventures and errands.

Since discovering this brand, we have bought 2 grey seat protectors and I just bought the tan for my new car. The customer service is amazing. I had to return a product which was defective and this company shipped out the product I wanted and received it in 2 days!

Lastly, I recommend this product. It is reasonably priced and the durability is perfect.

Great Fit

Perfect measurements described in item, great fit

Surprisingly Amazing

I happened to stumble across this gem of a seat cover. I have tried all kinds of seat covers and none have kept up with my 2 dogs until I came across 3 dog pet supply. It’s very easy to install and what’s better is my dogs love it.

Great Product

Good quality construction and it looks nice.

Dog back seat cover

My dogs actually want to lay down in the backseat now instead of trying to come up front!


Well made and fits great in my 2017 Ford Edge.

Single seat protector

My dogs love seat protector just like a cozy bed


This seat cover is perfect for my pup, who prefers to lay down and enjoy the ride. It was simple to install and my pup doesn't slide around. I highly recommend it, especially if you have an older, more laid back fur baby.

This is AWESOME! My dog isn’t scared anymore!

We have purchased quite a few of these back seat protectors and all of them would slip, slide scaring my dog. The 3 Dog Pet Supply Headrest Back Seat Protector is just awesome! No slipping or sliding and I think the bolster makes my dog feel safer too. I would highly recommend this product.

No Slip

I love my dogs new seat protector. I have leather seats so this material does not slip and slide. My dog especially loves that she can rest her head on the stuffed edges.

My dog loves it!!

My very large (120 lb Lab) gives this seat protector an all star rating! And it looks good enough in the back seat that I don't even remove it when he's not with me.
Thank you!!

NEW! Single Shearling Seat Protector with Headrest- Gray

Very satisfied

I recently purchased the EZ Wash Fleece Memory Foam dog bed and must say that so far I am very satisfied with this dog bed. My Labrador loves it.