3 Dog Pet Supply is a family business that was started by two brothers and a cousin.

We’ve all had special relationships with our dogs throughout our lives. Some of the dogs that we’ve been fortunate to know include a variety of pure and mixed breeds. Living with dogs all of our lives has led us to this place. We’re excited to be able to create and deliver high quality, functional products to passionate dog lovers.

To improve your dog’s life with superior dog products, and improve the lives of rescue dogs around the country with our Dog Beds to the Rescue campaign.

We’re proud of our lasting commitment to improving the lives of rescue dogs through our Dog Beds to the Rescue program. This program is simple. We will donate a new dog bed to an accredited shelter for every 3 Dog Pet Supply memory foam bed sold! Most of the shelters and rescue dog centers are in desperate need of new dog beds, mats, and sleeping pads. We can solve this problem with your help.

3 Dog Pet Supply will donate one new dog bed to a reputable shelter with the sale of a memory foam bed! It’s that simple.

We look forward to significantly improving the sleeping conditions of thousands of dogs in need. Please help us to change the game for Rescue dogs by spreading the word about Dog Beds to the Rescue. Follow the progress of the Dog Beds to the Rescue program on our Facebook page.

The 3 Dog team

Here is a partial list of the dogs that have influenced us over the years:

Dixie- Alaskan Malamute- female
Fred- Alaskan Malamute- male
Greta- a German shepherd who was our main family dog growing up…She was super smart and always looked after us as kids as we grew up in the country in upstate New York.
Tarquin- Bernese Mountain Dog male who lived for eight years and died of Canine cancer.
Pippa- Bernese Mountain Dog-female
Boomer- Jack Russell Terrier
Bogey- Golden Retriever mix- male
Willie- German Shepherd- female
Mattie- Chesapeake Bay Retriever-female
Seve- Chesapeake Bay Retriever- female
Wally- Black Labrador
Kiki- Black Labrador
Fergie- Doberman Pinscher
Dottie- Jack Russell terrier/Chihuahua mix