As many of you celebrated National Rescue Dog Day last weekend, which was created to honor the inspiring ways rescue dogs become a part of the human family, we wanted to also honor the amazing staff and volunteers that work in the shelters where animals are rescued.   We have been fortunate to partner with many caring shelters over the years in supporting our Dog Beds to the Rescue program.

Just a few weeks ago we were lucky enough to deliver 10 beds to the Humane Society of Chittenden County Vermont.  We met Emily Hecker, Sarah Schecter, and other folks along with the hundreds of dogs, cats and rabbits that are housed there on Kindness Court (no pun- that’s really the name of the street) in the bucolic mountains outside of Burlington, VT.   The shelter is in Chittenden County, which is Vermont’s most populated county.

When we first arrived, we were greeted by Emily who then led us on a tour. The facility is spotless, and we were impressed right away with the conditions and housing provided for these animals.  We learned that almost 96% of these animals are relocated to homes within 30 days.

The current facility was completed in October of 2002 and boasts nearly 12,000 square feet of animal care and adoption space, where they take in over 1,400 animals each year and welcome as many as 20,000 visitors annually. Most of the animals at HSCC are cats and dogs, but they also provide care and services for small animals such as rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs.

Within the last few years, HSCC recognized that people that had lost their jobs during COVID and were hit with tough financial situations and in some cases were unable to pay for medical fees for their animals.  The HSCC launched a new program to help out in this area.

The Humane Society of Chittenden County’s main goal is to keep pets with the people who love them and the cost of medical care remains a top reason why pets are relinquished. To help members of the community avoid having to part ways with their beloved companions, HSCC's Rainy Day Fund was created to offer financial assistance or free services for Chittenden and Grand Isle County residents who are unable to pay for their pet's unanticipated emergency medical treatment. This service is completely donor-funded and truly makes a difference in the lives of people & their pets.

Three years ago, HSCC performed free surgeries once a week. Now, they perform procedures and surgeries at least three days a week with a trained veterinarian and staff.  This program has ensured that pets can stay with their pet owners even when they become ill and need major surgeries. Within the past year, the Community Pet Clinic team performed well over a thousand surgeries and wellness visits. Animal care staff patiently cared for nearly 1,300 animals. It is truly a remarkable facility.

Another great aspect of HSCC is their educational programs.  In 2022, 147 kids attended their Humane Education Programs: Camp Paw Paw, Animal Welfare Warriors, and Humane Heroes Workshop. At HSCC, they are dedicated to educating local youth about the humane treatment of animals, how to properly care for community pets, and the importance of the human-animal bond.

It really was such a pleasure to visit this animal shelter and as we continue to celebrate Rescue Animals, we also want to celebrate the people and facilities that make rescuing an animal possible. Thank you, Humane Society of Chittenden County. It is a pleasure working with you!

Keep in mind, HSCC is a non-profit organization. The free surgeries are funded by donations. It is a great organization to support. Click here for more information and to lend support:

And to learn more about our Dog Beds to the Rescue program, please visit our website at Dog Beds to the Rescue! – 3 Dog Pet Supply.  



June 02, 2023 — Mike Quartararo