The pandemic was a tough one for everybody. From the isolation, uncertainty, and the overall duration of what we all endured, the period from 2020 thru 2022 was full of emotional and physical roadblocks.

 In my case life threw in a few added obstacles to contend with. Starting with a heart attack in June of 2020, another cardiac event four months later and a bout of pre vaccine covid just before Christmas, and my plate felt full. This maze of challenges was capped off with a divorce this past summer. So, no shortage of hurdles if you will.

 That said, I have always believed the future is in the windshield. I don’t spend too much time looking in the rearview mirror after I’ve reconciled whatever situation I must deal with. And this past Christmas gave me the opportunity to truly practice what I preach by getting my 14-year-old daughter a new puppy.

 Paige had been asking for a second dog for 5 years. But with everything I just mentioned, it was just not in the cards. I needed to get my physical and emotional health back in good order. Which I was able to do once the split was behind us.

 About a month after her mother moved out, she asked if “we could get a second dog”. And an Aussie Shepard no less. We’ve only ever had “working” dogs via border collies and our current eight-year-old Border Collie/GSP mix. So, we know what we’re getting into. But this was more than just a kid wanting something in the form of a new dog. This was to be a component of our family healing process. For all of us.

 So, in early December and after my daughter found a few Aussies she liked from breeders in the region, we drove to Orem, Utah in an early December snowstorm to meet “Stinson”. He was the runt of the litter and the last puppy left. He was spunky and then some. Brimming with personality and love he was all over her from the minute we walked in the room. And that was it. My daughter looked at me the way your kid does when what they’re asking for is coming from the heart. What her eyes said was “we need this dog”. That was all I needed. We made the deal and on December 30th, Stinson arrived at our home.

To use a Jerry McGuire term, he has completed us. Our eight-year-old dog took a week or so, but Ruby has proven to be a great mother to our little guy. And Stinson loves her and brings a joy to our home that has not been felt for the better part of four years. So, when your kid asks for a second dog, my vote is yes. I can’t imagine NOT having two dogs. It’s more of everything but mostly it’s more fun. Welcome home Stinson. We love you.

March 05, 2023 — Bob Jones