Yoshi came into our lives in 2013 and we’ve been thankful for every moment shared. Our little family changed in a big way when we got our little pup.

I was travelling often for work at the time and my wife was working from home. A new puppy seemed like the perfect addition to our little family. I didn’t have much time in my life at that point, working/travelling up to 16 hours a day, so I left it up to her to find the perfect pup. On our trip back from visiting family just after the Thanksgiving holiday, she couldn’t contain her excitement, and I was more than elated also. We stopped near Olympia WA and met the breeders. These guys were awesome, and only sold a few pups each year. There were two puppies in the back of the car, and one immediately perked up and waddled toward my wife and jumped into her arms. It was magic. Love at first sight. We met Yoshi.

I didn’t do much research on the breed before we met our new family member, but I loved the fact that they were the popular “meme” dog circling around social media. Since I work in the internet technology space, it seemed like the perfect pairing for me. Not to mention, about the cutest little dog I think I’ve ever seen. Here’s the meme that lit the internet on fire:

In the eight years we’ve loved Yoshi, we’ve had many life changes and moved multiple times. He’s been a constant source of love and entertainment. He’s got a real sense of humor and his antics keep us on our toes.

The Shiba Inu is a Japanese hunting dog and are generally smaller in size. Yoshi is a big boy weighing in at around 45 lbs. Side note, I asked him if I could write about his weight, and he was “good” with it. Anyhow, this breed is known for their independent nature and agility. If you are used to “training” dogs, you’ll surely spend more time training this breed than many others. If you’re okay with an independent friend, one that may have a higher IQ than most people, then maybe you don’t necessarily need to spend much time training. Either way, the experience will be unique and enduring. The result will be a friend that is as authentic as you could expect.

My wife and I don’t have kids, but Yoshi loves them! From small babies to toddlers, he loves meeting new little people. I can see the look of wonder in his eyes whenever a child approaches him. His tail becomes relaxed, and his eyes become glazed over with love. He instantly becomes the sweetest most docile animal you could imagine. We would recommend this breed as the perfect family dog with little kids in the mix.

Today, Yoshi works from home along with myself and my wife. We enjoy long walks, hikes and he loves chasing his two brothers around the house, a Persian and a Maine Coon cat. Sometimes it can get a bit rowdy and a whole lot furry. These guys know how to shed, and they do it well. Be prepared to vacuum at least daily, if you don’t like dog fur. If you don’t mind fur, then you’ll be entertained by how much and how often they shed. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Thanks for reading a bit about our family and our special friend. Yoshi recommends 3 Dog Pet Supply products and the bed featured above is by far his most favorite bed to date. We love it too as it’s easy to clean and fits perfectly in our environment. Thank you to the crew at 3 Dog Pet Supply for giving Yoshi a moment to shine and for creating well built and well thought product for among the most loved in our lives.

October 12, 2021 — Bob Jones