The story of the 3 Dog Logo:

 My love of dogs and their impact on people has always been a main part of my life.  I worked in product design and development for one of the best outdoor companies in America for almost 20 years.  I had always had a desire to branch out on my own and put my talents to use.   I felt like I had an opportunity to create a small business that could combine my love of dogs with my skills and talents.   My brother Anthony gave me the needed encouragement and 3 Dog Pet Supply was born.

The original logo is a tribute to three of the most important dogs in my life.   

Greta  -  The tall shepherd in the middle of the logo is a dog called Greta.  She was a German shepherd that was our main family dog when we were growing up as kids.  She was super smart and loving.  She amazed me with her ability to protect us and know where we all where at any given time,  yet she still was playful and happy throughout.   I remember one of our neighbors coming up to us and asking my brother.. “Does your mother know where you are?” and my brother replied…”No,  but Greta does”  That was the type of dog she was.

 Seve-  The dog on the right is a female Chesapeake called Seve. Seve was a female Chesapeake Bay retriever who was the first dog that I had as a young adult.  I was working as a high school teacher when she was a puppy, and I spent many hours training her in between classes.   She was also highly intelligent and had a warm and loving personality.  She was the first dog that I knew who could understand cause and effect on many levels.  She would purposely behave in certain ways to produce a desired outcome.  I lived alone with her for years and she liked that situation.   When my future wife came into the picture, she would try all sorts of tricks to maintain her status as # 1 female in the pack.  When Jan would come to visit, she would put on a show to try to dismiss her and regain the attention.  She would take a biscuit from her and then throw it up. She would feign illness and limp around and try anything.  She later saw how kind Jan was and fully accepted her into the pack. 

 Wally- The dog on the left in the logo is Wally as a pup.   Wally was a male black Labrador retriever who was given to me by a friend who is a professional upland hunting dog trainer, Dan Lussen of Pondview Kennels.  Wally was a pup that came from one of Dan’s all-time best dogs Sara.   I had been around Sara for years and had witnessed her amazing abilities in the field on many occasions.   She was unbelievably well trained and had uncanny ability.  Wally showed many of the same attributes and was a real character.  He had so much personality and his love for life was infectious and touched everyone around him.  He was an accomplished hunter and probably the best dog that I’ve ever really known.  I’ve been trying to find another dog like him ever since he died young at age 7 of canine cancer.

Of course, you can not replace a dog.   Each dog has their own unique characteristics and personality traits.  These traits are what makes these animals so special and endear them to us in all sorts of ways. I am always so excited to meet new dogs and to start the journey of developing another meaningful relationship.

Ps.  The black lab on most of the dog beds is a female named Kiki who is Wally’s niece.  The small yellow lab in some of the product shots is Mika who shares the same grandparents.


February 03, 2023 — Mike Quartararo